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The Hypocritical NFL Concussion Debate

1380735124000-nfl-concussionsLast weekend, before the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton Ohio, there was a big flap over Junior Seau’s posthumous induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.  Seau, a middle linebacker for the SanDiego Chargers, took his life on May 2, 2012 amid speculation that he was troubled by brain damage due to CTE, a condition traced to concussion-related brain damage with depression as a symptom.  After submitting Seau’s brain for study, the family sued the NFL over the brain injuries suffered over his career, claiming that NFL does not provide enough information and protection for its players.

In so many ways, the whole concussion controversy that is currently dogging the NFL is hypocritical all the way round. Let’s face it. Football is an incredibly violent game. We cannot dispute that fact. So, concussions and injuries are going to occur. There are a number of things the league can do to lessen the violence and protect players, but the nature of the game itself is violent, and that’s not going to change, unless we get rid of helmets, eliminate tackling, and put the players in flag belts.  As those in rugby, boxing, rock climbing, and skydiving – Junior Seau new the risks of playing the sport he loved. Did it lead to his death? Probably so. Should the league recognize that fact about the game? Yes. Should the league be held responsible for Seau’s death. Absolutley not.  I wish Seau’s family all the best.  May Junior Seau rest in peace.  However, to sue the NFL for what is obvious to all is hypocritical and duplicitous.

We all – players, families, owners, and fans – must face the reality that professional football is an incredibly violent game. That’s why America loves it.  Injuries are going to happen.  Concussions cannot be avoided.  In the NFL, fans know that they are watching action, danger, and intrigue – without CGI or special effects. Fans are watching a group of men who are paid large amounts of money to put their lives on the line to win a game… and America finds it exhilirating. Is that a good thing? I can’t say. But I can say, that the NFL reflects who we are as a country. There is a reason that the British love tennis and cricket while we love football, mixed martial arts, and action movies like Mad Max and Terminator.  So, concussions and injuries be hanged. After the last professional football game is played in February, just like Arnold Schwarzenegger, fans know the NFL will say with a wry smile, “I’ll be back.”  And the NFL knows that America will be waiting with open arms.

Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 51-75

We’ve had some great interaction on our Great NFL Jersey Numbers series. I’ve made corrections to the 1-50 posts. However, there is still much controversy surrounding the pick for Jersey #12. Should it be Tom Brady or Roger Staubach. Brady has the numbers, but Staubach missed four years because of obligations to the Navy. In fact, some are so passionate about Staubach being the pic that they have made the argument that he should be the pick because he was a deeply religious man and that God would pick him on his team to play quarterback. Now, in my estimation that seems to be going a little far…everyone knows that God would pick Martin Luther to play quarterback.

So, continuing the series on the greatest NFL Players according to number, I am posting numbers 51-75. I think after we’ve finished this we should contact the Hall of Fame and let them know that we’ve worked this out for them. Remember that I’m posting a picture of the jersey that I feel is the best player out of the group – in this case, Lawrence Taylor. We should argue that as well – especially in this group of players. Continue reading Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 51-75

Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 26-50

Continuing the series on the greatest NFL Players according to number, I am rolling numbers 26-50. Thank you for all your comments on 1-25. It helped a great deal. I made corrections on that post and, if you can make a good argument, I’ll make corrections to this one as well. Continue reading Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 26-50

Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 1-25

Here are what I consider to be the top 100 players in NFL History according to their particular jersey numbers. I’m going to do this in four different posts in groups of 25. I will have a picture of the jersey that I feel is the best player in each group. I know you are bound to take issue with these. That’s fine. Let me know what you think. Here are the first 25: Continue reading Greatest NFL Players – Jersey #’s: 1-25

1958 NFL Championship Game

As a follow up to my previous post, I’m including a video from another blog I discovered. I was unaware that a new book – “The Best Game Ever” – has recently been released that defends the idea that the 1958 Championship is the best game ever. Take a look at author Mark Bowden as he recounts the televised matchup and its effects on the nation. I’m so glad to hear that my choice has been validated.

Click Here to watch the video

Top 30 NFL Games of All Time – Modern Era

I am an insatiable NFL fan. When I was twenty-one years old and I first started sensing a call into Christian ministry, my greatest concern was that I might have to miss NFL games. I am so thankful that God called me to minister in a Presbyterian Church where there are no Sunday Evening Services. In the fall, after a wonderful morning of worship, there is no greater feeling for me than to buy a bucket of fried chicken, pop a couple of cold ones, and kick back in front of my big screen to watch the greatest sport on the face of the planet. Jonathan Edwards and Calvin, being pretty serious guys, would probably disapprove. But I don’t hold it against them.

Continue reading Top 30 NFL Games of All Time – Modern Era